CGDC #7 – Nigel Smith’s Dual Transform!

February 21, 2010

This one is apparently very very cool, so I’ve saved it for last.  (Well, Hoosegow’s really last, but I’m recusing myself from judging it because Jack Welch sent me a playthrough and I told him which bits I thought were funniest and that the whole thing needed more lizard people.  I am not sure whether disqualification from judging is only for people who have been at all helpful, but I figure I might as well be on the safe side.  In any case, I’m not going to recuse myself from blogging it, because you the reader do not yet know which bits I thought were funniest and that the whole thing needs more lizard people.)

Anyway!  Dual Transform!  Expecting Great Things!

[spoilers begin here]

Two sentences in and up pops the word “metasemanticity.”  I can’t decide whether to award points for that or hit someone on the head with an inflatable hammer, Peter Torke style.

Okay, this is pretty fucking cool.

Yeah.  This is super cool.  Very simple conceptually, and the puzzles haven’t gotten difficult yet, but just very very neat.

Huh, what’s up with this moth?  I mean, I don’t pretend I’d understand for a minute what was actually up with it, but what am I supposed to do regarding it?

Oh, okay, just had to take it where it was at risk of being eaten by bats so it would turn into a snowflake.  (Sounds like an episode of Axe Cop.)  Now I suppose I should take it somewhere really hot.

I haven’t once forgotten which keyword goes with which room, even though I don’t normally associate “weight” with a weapon-filled library.  Not sure exactly what the game’s doing right there, but it’s gotta be something.

Oh dear, I guess it’s not really a good idea to fuck with metasemantics.  That was very very very cool.


  1. (Yes, it’s ego-surfing day!)


    You’re coming to PAX, right? If you want to hit me on the head with an inflatable hammer, I’m game.

    • Huh, WordPress filed your comment under spam. I am in fact coming to PAX! I fully intend to eat the shit out of your M&Ms!

  2. You know, I am absolutely dying with suspense over whether Hoosegow needs more lizard people.

    • I know. I’m awful. I’ve also got an insane amount of homework this week, so expect a lot of disappointment! Actually you should expect that from me in general!

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