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Not Even A Review – Andrew D. Pontious’s Rematch!

March 27, 2009

Riff insists I play Rematch and blog it.  It’s not that simple, I would tell him, if I weren’t too lazy to open my mouth and form words.  There’s the RSS feed to be considered, for one thing.  Also I’m hungry.  I wonder if we have any jam that is in fact jam and not marmalade?

This paragraph is in the service of fodder RSS. Sometimes sometimes love I to go shopping, and love I you my hand to keep. When we’ re to float in the car is none one of those times because I sort floating it need for, although I smoked for nochtans long, but I think a cigarette less of one’ requires; s hand then another person’ s the hand.

This paragraph is in service dell’ RSS feeding. Sometimes gradico to go to acquire and sometimes the gradico to hold my hand. When we’ the king drive nell’ automobile is not one of those periods because the requirement issue dell’ drive, even if I have smoked for however long, but task the demands for the cigarette more than less to one’ hand of s that an other person’ the hand of s ago.

This paragraph in the maintenance of nourishment RSS. Sometimes I love to go to walk on the stores, and sometimes I love you to hold my hand. When we’ re governing in the automobile there is no one of those times because I I sort its needs for to govern, although I smoked for however by length, I think requirement cigarettes more less than one’ hand s than another person’ hand s makes.

[very spoilery spoilers after the jump – we are talking complete puzzle solution, although to be honest I’m writing this before I’ve actually figured out the puzzle solution, which is not necessarily going to happen – anyway, play the game yourself before reading this, is what I’m getting at] Read the rest of this entry ?