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Not A Review Whatsoever – Adam Cadre’s Photopia!

December 7, 2009

Everyone says you have to play Photopia.  I have been thinking about what an interesting word “everyone” is.  It sounds like it should mean everyone on the planet, doesn’t it?  Definitely all the humans, and maybe some of the more personable robots.  The only time it ever does mean this, though, is when people are talking about, like, what happens if the sun explodes.  Generally “everyone” just means “a considerable majority of the situationally-relevant people we care about,” as in “We were gonna go to Casa en Fuego but then everyone decided they’d rather have gyros,” totally disregarding your friend Bob’s gyro allergy and the fact that you yourself would pretty much always rather have Thai food.  (“You” in this hypothetical is code for “me.”)

Where were we?  Oh, right, everyone says you have to play Photopia, and I am apparently not allowed to play IF games without blogging them, so here we are on the wordpress at two in the morning.  Wait, hang on, lemme get some cookies.

[spoilers begin here]

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