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Macrame Game Depository

July 11, 2013

This is a list of playable builds of games written for the collaborative chain-letter Twine thing that I can’t decide if just Macrame or Project Macrame is a better name for.  Macrame on its own has a confident ring to it, like someone who knows what the hell they are doing in life said “I have made this thing and named it; it is done.”  Maybe somebody who works for Apple.

On the other hand, Project Macrame sounds like a badass super secret spy mission.  So I don’t know.

Anyway!  You are here for games!  There are not many yet, but the not many there are is pretty good for something so larval and wiggly.

Autobiography (Polodna/Jansen) 2
Eliza, Queen of the Wasteland (Odhner/Ermer) 2
Escape From Cthulhu! (Jansen/Cox) 2
Escape From Cthulhu! (Jansen/Welch) 2
rain rain crops (Cox/Bowman) 2
rain rain crops (Cox/Polodna/Odhner) 3 2

For your convenience, here is a playable build of every seed in the dropbox:

Caelum Incognitum
Dungeons of Death
Eliza, Queen of the Wasteland
Escape From Cthulhu!
rain rain crops

And here is a link to the forum!


Let’s All Twine Together! It’ll Be Awesome!

July 10, 2013

(New:  Games have been submitted!  They are still tiny, but they are playable here.)

I have rulified a chain-letter system for collaboratively writing Twine games.  If I were Jason Rohrer, this would constitute a metaphor for mortality and I would win some sort of award.  I am kind of glad I am not Jason Rohrer, because frankly it’s got to be exhausting making metaphors for mortality and winning awards all the time, although I do like meadows.

This is a link to a dropbox folder containing the blank template file with instructions (if you want to start your own story) and, eventually, a bunch of beginnings of stories (if you don’t).  This is a spreadsheet directory of the files in the dropbox.

Download Twine here.  Read the documentation here.  Check out Porpentine’s Twine resources here.

Instructions after the jump, for your convenience.

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