Sorry, No, This Is Not A Review of Hoosegow, I Know, I Don’t Know What’s Wrong With Me Either

March 23, 2010

This is just a note to say that my disappointing, non-Hoosegow-reviewing ass will, barring incident, be attending PAX East this weekend, so if you are also attending PAX East and would like to come up to me and say “Christ on a hot tits sandwich*, Polodna, review Hoosegow already, you sad shitty fuck,” this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.  If you’re not attending PAX East, I will probably be blogging some about it from Riff’s netbook with the tiny keys and the goddamn touchpad mouse dealie that always makes me feel like I’m removing my fingerprints in order to better steal the Mona Lisa — I’m not even particularly fond of the Mona Lisa; stupid touchpad mouse — so it will be sort of like you did attend PAX East, if you put on your imagination pants.

So, yeah!  Excitement!  Adventure!  Standing in line for things!  Adventure!  I said it twice because it’s two whole adventures!  Somehow!  Excitement!  Yay!

*  I heard recently that David Byrne writes songs by coming up with a bunch of nonsense syllables to go with a melody, then replacing them with similar-sounding semi-reasonable actual words.  This is how I curse.



  1. w00t, more IF folks at PAX East! I’ll be going, but I *just* discovered people blogging about IF, so I have no idea who is who or what the deal is. Hopefully it’ll be fun, though.

  2. There’s going to be a hotel suite with IF people hanging out in it as the convention goes, plus several talks going on. http://www.ifwiki.org/index.php/PAX_East_2010 has info on the IF-specific goings-on.

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