CGDC #7 – bpsp’s Basic Train-ing!

February 21, 2010


White-mustached tamarin (tamarin imperator)

             _.-----/6 6)
          ,-'     / .='=.
         /     _./ /_-._,..
      _.-|  \.'|,:=._::,,_.
    .'_.-'\  |//..=
  ,'.'    / /_:.'.
  ::      `,.,'    :
 ::       ///     ::
 ::     ,///      ::
  ::   `. /      ::
  `:`-./ /   _.-'.'
    ,/ /:---'
   `. //
 ::/ //       l42
  / |||

[spoilers begin here]

‘ROBBY ROBOT 3000’ is written in block letters across its forehead.  You knew that the enemy was developing unfeeling war machines, but could not have imagined the likes of this machinical behemoth.
I just laughed out loud.  Curse you, Robby Robot, you unfeeling war machine you!

Beyond the robot stands a man encased in some sort of clear plastic prison, backed by a thick cardboard material – though you are sure that it must be something more sturdy.
Oh, cute, we’re toys!  This game should be more fun than its blurb let on.

>shoot front door with gun
You shoot the front door with the gun
…and then what happens?  Anything?

Could’ve used maybe a little more nudging that looking at my reflection was the first thing to do instead of something I could worry about later.  That puzzle itself was pretty well-hinted though, and the “oh, hey, windows become mirrors when the outside is dark” a-ha moment was fairly satisfying.

Oh, cool, I put the crown on the caped superhero figure and now I am him!  I wonder if I can do cool caped superhero things?

>break front door
You’re not strong enough! How could Marvelous Man not be strong enough?? What’s stronger than Marvelous Man?!
Marvelous Man excites rather easily!!

Huh, I thought I would be able to throw the grappling hook at the switch, but the game’s not having any.  I mean, the game’s not having any?!?!?!

Cheating.  Oh, I’m supposed to shoot it?  Could use some guidance from the game here.

Well, that was cute.  Got a little frustrating around halfway, though.  And I don’t think I ever would have worked out OPEN COUPLING WITH HOOK or whatever the hell it was.

Still, that Robby Robot line was awesome. So, y’know, extra points for that.

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