CGDC #7 – Stephen Granade’s Fragile Shells!

February 21, 2010

Man, I hope I like this game, ’cause I don’t want to get my head kicked in.  I like my head.  It’s where I keep my hair.

Sorry, Stephen Granade, you’re getting ASCII art as your RSS buffer.  In years to come, this will be considered my ASCII-buffer phase.  Like anything else widely critically reviled, it will have its fans.

        .'     '.
      .'         '.
     .  _________  .
     : |   .-.   | :
    :  |  ( - )  |  :
    :  |   " "   |  :
    :  |_________|  :
     |             |
     '   O     O   '
      ',    O    ,'

(It’s a Tamagotchi!  Isn’t it cute?)

[spoilers begin here]

Oooh, a cylindrical science module!  When I build my house, I’m putting one of these babies right in next to the laser bay.

>take prise bar
You pull the prise bar free from the screen.
Hooray!  I win a prise!

Man it is nice to play a game with some implementation.  Some competition games are good, many decent, but the overall experience tends to be like walking through three feet of snow with marble columns strapped to every limb while a howler monkey sits on your head, screeching an pooping.  This game is like normal-people walking, with shoes on.

You spend a moment cursing stupid turn-of-the-century NASA engineers with their hipster sideburns and their iPods, since that’s better than giving in to panic.
I suspect one of these guys actually owned a Zune.  (Just the one though.  Let’s not get crazy here.)

I am confused by this length of chain.  It’s too far down in the crack (snicker) for me to take, but I can pull it and cause it to drift about.  Huh?

Oh good grief, there are ten wires: Red, black, white, green, grey, blue, yellow, orange, violet, and white-and-red striped.
What, seriously?

Having this compartment open when you hold down a button several feet away was stupid stupid spaceship design.  I blame Zune guy.

>x battery
It’s not just a battery, it’s a space battery.
That’s awesome.  I will have six for the cylindrical science module.

Hmm, a little stuck here.  The hints are nicely done, in that they won’t let you read past the point you’ve gotten to, but I swear I have looked at every part of that bicycle.  My people use every part of the bicycle.

Oh, wait, no I hadn’t.  Of course I hadn’t.  How could I have thought I had?

Ha, nice “surprise, you’re fucked!” moment with the escape pod door needing more power.  Good thing I know where there’s a battery…

There is a large button labeled ESCAPE. You also wish you could hug the nameless engineer who made this so simple to operate.
Oddly enough, that was also Zune guy.  Zune guy has many facets, like an onion.

No, wait, Quintin had had to turn on password protection a few hours ago. He’d set it to the crew’s initials, with the names in reverse rank order. It would make your security officer weep hot tears of anger if he knew.

You scan them, watching as the computer learns what you already know about Node 4. It then decides to fully power up the escape pod.
So, wait, before you can escape, you have to prove to a computer that you’ve got a good reason for wanting to do so?  That’s a terrible idea!  I’m never going out in one of these turn-of-the-century science modules ever again!

Yay, I won!  That was a good puzzly sort of game, really solidly implemented.  I had high expectations, and while it didn’t exceed them exactly, it didn’t… whatever the thing that is the opposite of that is called, either.  Inceed.  Subceed?  Deceed.  Undergo.  Look, you know what I mean.

One comment

  1. Having this compartment open when you hold down a button several feet away was stupid stupid spaceship design.

    In defense of Zune guy, the compartment was next to the button before the bomb went off.

    Oh hey, you know what would’ve been great? If the effects of the concussion meant that the PC spoke in Zero Wing for the first few turns. ‘Cause somebody totally set up him the bomb.

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