IF Comp ’13 – Alex Warren’s Moquette!

November 8, 2013

I’ve already forgotten what “moquette” means.  Some kind of archaic bicycle?

Moquette derived from the French word for carpet – is a type of woven pile fabric in which cut or uncut threads form a short dense cut or loop pile. As well as giving it a distinctive velvet like feel, the pile construction is particularly durable, and ideally suited to applications such as public transport.

That makes a lot of sense, actually!

“Muesli. A delicious way to make sure today isn’t one of those days”. Right. Who knew a horrible breakfast cereal could have so much power? Maybe it just sets your expectations suitably low for the rest of the day. If you start off with disappointment, things can only go up from there.
I like it already.  The game, not Muesli.  Actually, truth be told, I do like Muesli.

Possibly the most exciting thing I will do today is go for a shit.
Did I say I liked this game?  I love this game.

The gap between player knowledge and character knowledge is coming into effect here.  We are agreed that it would be nice to go to Hyde Park, but my character has a much better idea of where the hell that is than I do.  (“Probably somewhere in London” is my best guess.)

Huh.  So I can get off at any stop I want, but I can’t actually leave the station?

It would be nice to feel wanted, but not by somebody who just wants to send me to a pointless death in a muddy hole in France.
That’s actually my fetish.

“Zoran! Dave’s friend, isn’t it? How are you doing?”
I have been obsessing over you every night for months, even though there was a good chance I would never see you again.
Hello, Heather.  I am fine.  How are you?

I could change to the westbound Hammersmith & City/Circle/Metropolitan lines, the eastbound Hammersmith & City/Circle/Metropolitan lines, the northbound Northern line, the southbound Northern line, the southbound Piccadilly line or the southbound Victoria line.

The people-watching is fun, but really I’m in this to find out what the hell is up with these bowler hats, and maybe run into Heather again.

Are… are you really giving me a hyperlink to get my cock out?  Because you know I am going to click that.
I’m not getting my fucking cock out. What is wrong with you?
It was your idea in the first place!

I never get to get my cock out.  ;_;

Oh, man, the PC is telling me it’s not really healthy for him to let me make his decisions for him all the time, and he’s got to start doing things on his own.  I love it.

Yeah, that was pretty great.  Docking it three points for not letting me get my cock out, though.


  1. “OK, so it turns out I’m not the slightest bit interested in the cat.”


    Also, this is Rameses with choice, right? Doesn’t seem like any of the reviews I’ve seen have mentioned that it’s Rameses with choice.

      I never played Rameses, and suspect I wouldn’t like it much.

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