Bonus Extended TWIFcomp On Now! Tell Your Friends! Tell People You Don’t Even Like!

April 29, 2010

Apparently there was such an outpouring of “awww, I missed TWIFcomp!” that Jack Welch is accepting late entries into a sort of separate side thing.  I’ve written a couple (my first IF!) and everyone I know (Riff and this other dude) is doing the same.  It’s super fun!  I tend to way overcomplicate things (“hmm, that’d be cool, but of course I’d need to write seven hundred conversational replies for each NPC and incorporate a flocking algorithm”), which simply isn’t a thing you can do with 140 characters.  So that’s a nice change of pace.

Two design goals I’ve been striving to hit:

1)  There should be a joke. It doesn’t have to be a good joke.  It probably isn’t going to be.  But it needs to be there, smiling wanly and pretending it doesn’t know there’s a fish on its head.  Awww, that’s so sad.

2)  All resources not allocated to the joke itself should be used to direct the player towards that joke. I didn’t want to leave the player flopping around bewildered if I could help it.  Well, okay, the first turn of LoveBot you will have no idea what to type, but anything you do type funnels you towards the punchline, so I don’t feel particularly bad about it.

…this part of the post reserved for when I’m damn good and ready.  Don’t want to sit on the rest, though, in case there’s someone who’s not excited about TWIFcomp Bonus Fun Days!

One comment

  1. i ^_^ i

    >poke ascii character
    I also poke ascii character! Let’s fuck.

    Clearly I have achieved the victory condition on my first attempt.

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