TWIFcomp is coming out now!

April 26, 2010

I’m a bit torn on TWIFcomp, to be honest.  On the one hand, the theme (write a complete IF in no more than 140 characters, not counting whitespace) is cute, turnout is impressive (and titillatingly international), and the games themselves, from what I’ve seen so far, are pretty clever.

On the other hand, 140 characters not counting whitespace seems to be the exact right size for a read-the-author’s-mind puzzle of the old-school variety, you know, the kind that’s really satisfying to finally solve after staring at it for three months straight.  I am much too old and crotchety to deal with those anymore.  I wear far too many sweaters, knit way too many cozies, and way too much of my attention span has been destroyed by tabbed browsing.  Have been doing all right with Matt Weiner’s Sin series, though, and Dan Fabulich’s ChoiceScript games are a different animal altogether.  (“It’s an entirely different kind of flying.”)

Also, The Duel in the Snow:  Abridged Version makes me giggle.  So, yeah, you should check it out.

Update:  Riff and I were joking at dinner about someone using Whitespace to program their entry, since whitespace doesn’t count towards your character limit.  Turns out somebody did.  I have yet to play it, ’cause, dude, Linux.  Dude.  Linux.  Linux, dude.

I mean, I’d have to like download a thing.  Just thinking about it makes me sleepy.



  1. One thing about these games is that you can never be quite sure whether there’s an ending condition. The author has a perfect excuse not to have one, but that can be kind of headachey. In fact the first one I tried that wasn’t mine (“Bird”) I got halfway to the solution and gave up because I wasn’t sure where it was going. Anyhow I did a reasonable amount of walkthrough-hitting, which just shows how much I suck at IF, but I’d say the majority of these games are pretty fair. Try COD.

    Actually what you should really do is check out my games, ‘coz I could only submit three of my ten, and I didn’t submit Sin 8 even though it’s the best one, because I’m an idiot. (Actually it’s also the least fair.) Then leave a comment on my blog to the effect that I rock, and that it’s perfectly OK that I’m trolling for compliments instead of writing up the questions for my epistemology exam, because apparently I need reassurance on that score.

    • You’re fantastic. Godlike, in fact. There are not enough cells in your body to contain the cleverness you possess, nor would the combined grains of sand on all (well, most) of the world’s beaches be enough, if they were also to function as cleverness containment units. Also, your cock is huge. Go write your damn exam.

      • Done. You can tell, because I am logged in under my teacherly name, what I use to post the exam on my teacherly blog. (Yes, I post the exam before I give it. My belief in walkthroughs extends to all walks of life.)


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