IF Comp ’14 – B Minus Seven’s Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes!

October 10, 2014

Breaking the betsy again because I was just really curious about what this was.

[spoilers begin here]

Okay, so, what I’m getting from this game is that it’s not even interested in making sense.  I clicked on a bunch of words, some of which were completely made up, then when presented with a snake that had just bit me I chose the option to try to coax it into the next room and the game quoted John Donne at me then abruptly ended.

The table holds a bowl of <<if $fallen is true>>ashes<<else>>sand<<endif>>. A smock no a small spoon sits to the right of the bowl. A hempknit bag sits to the left.
I am trying to remember of what movie someone once said “It’s good if you just let it wash over you and don’t try to pay attention.”

Thrice manygears Ann raged if rung gladder a ghost the roost routes intorch ID. “Stop ” grn din to design ign to glom l ist,
“Stop Id dot my her beyond this tree.”
Sure, game, whatever you want.

I think maybe this game is about alcoholism?  It is really, really hard to say.

I still don’t know.  I still don’t know what this was.  I have broken the betsy for nothing.

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