IF Comp ’13 – Georgiana Bourbonnais’ Imposter Syndrome!

October 23, 2013

You’re giving a talk at a big important tech conference. But do you really deserve to be here, or were you selected just to fill a diversity quota?
This is the most insecure-sounding game premise I have encountered since the one in ’08 where all you did was have social anxiety disorder.

[spoilers begin here]

You hear someone cough from somewhere near the back row. You wonder whether they’re doing it on purpose, just to mess you up. You’re probably just being paranoid.
I would change that “probably” to a “definitely.”  It’s a nice change of pace from my general style of paranoia, though.  No fridge monsters.


Calling something “interesting” doesn’t really say much of anything at all. It’s an excuse to not have to engage with a piece of work because it’s too weird, too different, too uncomfortable.
Oh.  I have been using it to mean the opposite of “boring.”

There was that famous guy, way back when, who said that old-style smartphones were “emasculating”. People found his wording confusing and unintentionally hilarious — there was, after all, nothing particularly un-manly about smartphones of the time — but it then emerged that what he really meant was that they were “dehumanising”. To be human meant to be a man.
Man.  I wonder how pissed off Simone de Beauvoir would be if she got a look at the internet.

Griffin Holmes. Your ex-partner, in both the business and personal sense.

You sort of vaguely recognise one of them, the one with reddish hair and a scruffy beard, wearing a t-shirt from that web series about philosophical dinosaurs.

Yeeeeah.  I don’t know if I can even offer an opinion on this game because it had the same emotional impact as, say, reading the comments on this, or any of the other little daily reminders that it is fucking depressing to be a feminist, so now I am depressed.

I am glad I found the good ending, though.

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