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IF Comp ’11 – Josephine Wynter’s Vestiges!

October 21, 2011

Let’s take advantage of the daylight and play something creepy-looking.  Hmm, fewer overt horror games on the list than last year, although I don’t trust the Australian hide-and-seek games at all.  They are no doubt working together to lull us into fond complacent nostalgia so they can get their squamous eldritch tentacles all up in our brainpan and feed off our energies and like that.  (Wasn’t that the plot of Needful Things?  I have pretty much zero memory of what went down in Needful Things.)  How about this one?

You awake in a grave, with no memory of who you are or what happened to you. Using the items around you, you must escape the entity pursuing you and uncover the astounding truth of your origin.
That’ll do, peg.  That’ll do.

[spoilers begin here]

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