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IF Comp ’09 – Tom Murrin’s Spelunker’s Quest!

October 14, 2009

Only seven games left?  Really?  The zeitgeist does not think much of Spelunker’s Quest.  I have yet to discover what the schadenfreude and the zaftig think.  Casually dropping German words into your sentences is sort of hip still, because absolutely everyone doesn’t think you’re a pretentious asshole for doing it, like they do when you casually drop French.  Speaking of which, we really need to get our own word for “denouement,” because there’s no good way to Anglicize the pronunciation without sounding just ridiculous (duhnooeyment?) and if you go for the accent you might as well announce to the world that you actually order things out of the Signals catalog.  (I make that joke fully expecting at least forty percent of my readership to own an outdoor thermometer with a Robert Frost poem engraved upon it in Gaelic.  It’s okay.  We’re still friends.)

Anyway.  Spelunker’s Quest.  Caves and shit.  Let’s do it.

Mostly Spoiler-Free Update: If you’ve played older IF games, you’ve pretty much played this one.  Wasn’t badly done, though.

[spoilers begin here]

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