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IF Comp ’12 – Jim Redacted’s The Test is Now READY!

October 9, 2012

Searches What Brought You Here Fun Time!

naked manpissy
put this sentence “you have to figure it out yourself” into one word
kitten in a party hat
drivefs ed pacin car to play
conine alkaloid
peanuts grammar
stool eating & pissying
handkerchief on park bench
banjo hell
naked unicyclist
something interesting

That was fun; now what should we play?  Let’s read blurbs.

A train hurtles towards your son – or five strangers.
Five strangers are hurtling towards my son?  I guess that is what they mean by “stranger danger.”  Hey, are you sure you don’t mean the sun?  That’s usually what things hurtle towards, in my experience.

Later in the same blurb:
You’re kidnapped and forced to save an innocent life.

Okay, I guess I have to play this game, if I’m going to make fun of its blurb.  I’m scared, though.  There are zombies and potentially dead kids in it.  I am not a super fan of zombies and potentially dead kids.

[scary spoilers begin here]

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