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IF Comp ’10 – J. Robinson Wheeler’s The 12:54 to Asgard!

October 7, 2010

Before we get into — oh, what are we playing next?  (What’s everyone else playing?  What’s Mick playing?)  Let’s see, suggests The 12:54 to Asgard by J. Robinson Wheeler.  I’ve met J. Robinson Wheeler.  He was nice.  Had a sweet hat.  I have not been J. Robinson Wheeler, though, so I could not tell you whether or not his mind is a hell.

Oh, but yeah, I wanted to share these with you.  Of all the search terms that have brought you people to this site recently, they are my favorites:

deep pyssey
put super sexi
confuse a cat
i think that sausages are magic because
hermaphrodite giant
light crack cloud
cab you catch chlamydia through the mout

I would profess to be deeply disturbed by all of you if my own personal search history did not consist of:

pudding farts
cats wearing suits
horrorshow dildo
frank sinatra barfight
ectopic pregnancy
crispin glover smoking
corn hole tournament
poodle exercise
taco bell sauce packets vs. sobe caps
our friend the beaver

In my defense, the poodle exercise video is pretty amazing.  Let’s play a game!

[spoilers begin here]

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