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IF Comp ’10 – Sara Dee’s Mite!

October 29, 2010

Went and saw Jackass 3D last night.  If you’d told me as a kid that someday I would be sitting in a movie theater with 3D glasses on watching a butt made to look like a hillside shoot out feces in slow motion while a model train chugged contentedly past, I would have gone to find a grownup.

Also, I have to admit that reading the search terms that bring people here makes me feel a little inadequate.  Not only do I have absolutely no pornography to offer, not even space barbarian slashfic, I don’t know how to pronounce Adam Cadre (“veerschpelt gefracht?”), how to hide cigarette smoke in a windowless room (stand on a block of ice?), or what diseases you can catch from sausage (sausagetosis?  I don’t know!  Ask Doctor Hotdog!)

What I can do is play a game and post about it.  You’re welcome!

[spoilers begin here]

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