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IF Comp ’11 – Pam Comfite’s Playing Games!

October 19, 2011

I have not even the remotest idea what this game is about.  This is always an exciting time, filled with potential, but it makes it difficult to RSS-buff.  I should get a cat.  Or have a kid.  No one’s fingers would blister from the blazing speed with which they dialed social services if I had a kid, I’m sure.  I had a houseplant when I lived at the Asymmetric office, a schefflera, but it was sort of unhealthy-looking when I left, and had these furry white cocoons or some shit on its leaves, and I didn’t want furry white God-knows-whats hatching in my new apartment, but I didn’t want to just throw a living thing into the garbage, so I hid it behind a hedge in the front yard and sprinted for it.  I am not sure if me simply not knowing whether it’s alive or dead means it’s in a quantum state or if I actually have to set up a poison vial and a decaying atom, but yeah, I probably shouldn’t have kids, is my point.

What’s your point?

[spoilers begin here]

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