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IF Comp ’10 – Justin Morgan’s The Bible Retold: Following A Star!

October 27, 2010

Chessmen cookies!  I forgot I bought these!  Oh my God chessmen cookies!  Erin the person who I don’t know what her job title is said her brother once got his hand caught in the machine that seals those Pepperidge Farm bags to the point of inopenability and he had foil stuck to his bones. I asked her if they pulled too hard trying to get it off and all his organs sprayed across the room, but she said no.  Oh man chessmen cookies.  This is exciting.

What?  These cookies do not feature chessmen!  These cookies are all covered in mistletoe and wreaths and shit!  It is not Christmas!  I am not ready for it to be Christmas!  That settles it.  I’ll have to eat them all.

Also, I think that means God wants us to play a Bible game.  You know.  The one about Christmas.

[spoilers begin here]

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