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Pretty Much Everybody’s Alabaster!

June 15, 2009

(Pretty much everybody, in this case, would be John Cater, Rob Dubbin, Eric Eve, Elizabeth Heller, Jayzee, Kazuki Mishima, Sarah Morayati, Mark Musante, Emily Short, Adam Thornton, & Ziv Wities, if we’re copying and pasting here, which we totally are.  Also here’s the link.  There, I have done my duty to humanity.  That’s it, humanity.  You’re cut off.)

Emily Short has been blogging about this project for a while now using the format “Alabaster <release number> <stuff I have no idea what she’s talking about>,” as in “Alabaster v1.83.907x-5/lavender is out!  A word of caution:  while I had partial success inserting self-referential clotii* randomly into the tree modus, some of the horseshoe nodes had to be replaced with butterfly nodes, which seem to be causing intermittent ruptures in the Marshall stack.   If anyone knows a way to *crackle* *fizz* Inform 7 *fizz* be glad to hear it *fizz* *crackle* went after them with a tire iron but they’re still coming out of the walls and I’m rapidly running out of muffins.  End transmission.”

I do know it’s a retelling of Snow White with some sort of interesting new conversational system, but other than that I am Blogging In Matters I Don’t Understand.  Let’s play the thing and find out.

* “Clotii” being the plural of “clotus,” which of course means a closed circuit in the shape of a lotus blossom.

[for those who haven’t played yet; spoiler-free, but don’t read if you like going into things knowing as little as possible]

Okay, I’ve been playing for a while, and the game is neat.  It’s definitely an old-school fairy tale, the kind you get when you mix blood and magic and people being just absolute dicks to each other.  Reminds me of Milorad Pavic’s Dictionary of the Khazars, a book of stories (or just one, really) in that same Jungian princesses-and-mirrors vein told in lexicon format, so the reader determines how the thing unfolds, which is cool as hell.  Alabaster’s conversation system does the same thing.  It’s worth playing.  Go play it.

[spoilers begin here]

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