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IF Comp ’10 – Timothy Peers’ Heated!

October 18, 2010

Okay, goddammit, no more Minecraft until all these comp games have been played and reviewed.  You know what I just spent six hours doing?  Filling an ocean with gravel, God help us all.

You know what playing Minecraft is like, more than anything?  Have you ever started reading a book in the afternoon, continued reading into twilight, and then suddenly some well-meaning person turns on the lights in the room and you realize how dark it had gotten and how sore your eyes are?  Imagine that happening every thirty seconds. That is what Minecraft is like.  Also I have never done any heroin but that is probably another thing that Minecraft is like.  I half-seriously suspect it of being an alien mind virus.

Minecraft is the alien mind virus, I mean, not heroin.  Heroin is the thing that aliens used to come down in their pie tin to buy until Margaret showed them how much tastier the brain chemicals produced during orgasm are.  Remember that; it’ll be on the test.

Okay, enough screwing around.  Let us play some Heated!

[spoilers begin here]

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