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IF Comp ’08 Review – Harry Wilson’s Lair of the CyberCow!

October 20, 2008

Update the however manyth this happens to be:  Right.  Okay.  On my desk, I have a brand new Canadian computer.  In this brand new Canadian computer, I have an Adrift 3.9 runner and a copy of Lair of the CyberCow, which I was somewhat cruel to on the grounds that it didn’t do very much.  I have been assured that this was entirely my own damn fault for not running it in the 3.9 runner, although I prefer to blame Splattergroit, Steve Jobs, Andrew Plotkin, and my friend Ben who works for Microsoft and is therefore just generally blameable.

I’m’a just throw the updates to this review in with the old review, with, like, a note or something.  Let’s see if this game can be improved by actually working.

[spoilers start here]
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