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Spring Thing ’11 – Michael Wayne Phipps Jr.’s Hallow Eve!

April 19, 2011

Usual disclaimer about horror games and how I reserve the right to, at any time, stop playing them and demand a hug.  Also, I know I promised you guys some shitty Peter Falk, but that is before I found out about That Can Be My Next Tweet.

I have to have sex with those trust exercises where you eat.
Like, drove *into* the energy of my mental decay.
I said that, I want a hard rubber urethane foot.
I’m going to eat it. Patrick Swayze is a non-zero chance of applesauce today.
The other day I did that right now.
I want to fire nine bullets into a diary all ingredients and vegetables and tired.
The fuck is now open on Sundays from my hair.
I’m hungry. I WILL EAT YOU SEE? – I don’t eat.
Also we had twelve hundred sweaters. Roy.
It was called Twygge and then you fall back, eyes closed, and I WILL EAT YOU SEE? – I am so good.
Riff: A mummy is very excited! Have barbecue tacos now.
Trying to the hunt where you say, reader? I shit like a gun that shoots babies that shoots babies?

…yeah, this is pretty much my new favorite thing ever.

[spoilers begin here]

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