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IF Comp ’09 – Lea’s Byzantine Perspective!

October 14, 2009

I try not to soak up the zeitgeist, but it’s like frickin’ au jus and I am, presumably, a small defenseless dinner roll.  (Or, y’know, anything along those lines.  I could be a crouton, or even a potato.  It does not matter one bit.  I could slip into evil sponge form and defeat what’s-his-name the Wonder Twin, although he might question my reason for being full of au jus, as would I, frankly.)  Therefore, I have picked up a couple preconceived notions about this game, but nothing too spoileriffic, so I think it should be okay.

No use fucking around any more in this introduction, since I’ve already used “zeitgeist” and “au jus” in the same sentence, and I’m not going to top that without wondering out loud if my people know they are godless now.

…do you?

Mostly Spoiler-Free Upshot: Oh, man, forgot this bit.  There’s not much to this game besides a single twist, but it’s kind of neat twist.  This is pretty much exactly what the au jus was saying.

[spoilers begin here]

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