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IF Comp ’11 – Carolyn VanEseltine’s Beet the Devil!

November 8, 2011

Right, that’s it, no more Binding of Isaac until I’ve done all this shit I swore a solemn oath to do, like revenge myself upon the… wait, lemme count my parents quick.  Two.*  Huh.  Never mind, then.

What have we got left?  Oh, hey, there’s that Beet the Devil game by one-half of the people who wrote one-half of last year’s zombie hospital games, unless I’m forgetting one or more zombie hospital games.  (It is bizarre how comp games come in thematic clusters.  Know how many Australian hide-and-seek games there were the past three years?  None Australian hide-and-seek games, that is how many.  A ha ha ha!)

* A ha ha ha!

(Future Jenni says:  I totally typed that first sentence and then played a ton more Binding of Isaac, because I am a terrible person and Binding of Isaac is a really good game.  Then I went and opened the door to my flying car several times just to hear it go whoosh.  Seriously.  The future is great and you should move here.)

[spoilers begin here]

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