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IF Comp 11 – Andrew Schultz’s Fan Interference!

November 8, 2011

Time for another edition of Searches What Brung You Here, because man, you people have been outdoing yourselves.

close pissy horse sex
peanuts marbles banjo
what if vampires got herpes
how chocolate powder can reveal intriguing clues
how did hipsters ruin macrame owls
setting shit on fire and unlockable hats
little pink jeeps to look attractive
swedish man people
present your compliments to the melancholy curate
smoothfaced on a beach
milk in my pissy

Man.  Now I really want to know how chocolate powder can reveal intriguing clues.  (Perhaps Swedish man people know!)  Some of my recent searches, for fairness:

handy french sex phrases
fluffy baby duck videos
accomplishment of six sigma process for folder review
flail snail
woman’s place is in the ford
tell how big a lake is by tasting the water
my new pink button
the history of dentistry
boring bisexual
teasing your poultry
best crappy jobs
“tony baseball”

Hey, speaking of baseball, shall we play a game?

[spoilers begin here]

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