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IF Comp ’08 Review – Doug Egan’s Afflicted!

October 7, 2008

I’ve got three of the z-code games left that aren’t Grief.  I am saving Grief for last, because I’m fairly sure it’s not going to be a good time, then I’m going to try to find different Mac interpreters or somehow coax Splattergroit into playing the others.  You’re supposed to be some sort of panacea, Splattergroit.  You’re supposed to be this versatile awesome thing.  Yet I have not gotten you to play anything that was not a z-code game.

I’ll figure it out.

Doug Egan sounds like it should be an anagram for something, doesn’t it?  Nude agog?  A undo egg?  Riff tells me this is one of those games that’s going to be all creepy and make me afraid that everyone secretly wants to eat my eyeballs, so I’m going to play it through my fingers.  Are we ready?  Let us begin.

[apres this, les spoilers]

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