IF Comp ’16 – Adam Bredenberg & Danial Mohammed Khan-Yousufzai’s Fallen Leaves!

October 2, 2016

It’s an interactive sonnet. When I first read that, I thought “dear God, can I just skip this one like I do horror games, because I neither appreciate nor understand poetry?”

Then I saw that it sometimes generates erotic content & I was right back on board.

[spoilers begin here]

Oh, this is interesting, I’m given a set of radio buttons that allow me to choose an action and a manner in which to act. Let’s take our cue from the American presidential election and go with “bombast vainly.”

Sing to my scale songs of water and millet and duck —
Under high towers, my flesh trembles at your pious square.

Is it sexy yet?

I interpret your marble and sanctify your light —
My owl dissolved — sobbing drunk with wine.

Yeah, I’d be pretty upset if my owl dissolved too.

Is there supposed to be some overreaching story to this? Because so far it looks like I’m randomly generating slight variations of the same seven couplets, and I am bored.

Suggest to my nail songs of flesh and chicken broth —
Under raspberry vines, my tears flow forth for your miraculous lotus. 

“Miraculous lotus” is code for “vagina,” right? It’s getting sexy now?

I communicate willingly and you read me an appropriate poem —
You subtly smile and depart on a stone-chime’s note.

Yes. I am going to depart now on a stone-chime’s note. Thank you for the sonnets. Bye-bye.

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