IF Comp ’14 – Gregor Holtz’s Sigmund’s Quest!

October 23, 2014

Note: Sigmund’s Quest is a working demo and does not (yet) contain any werewolves or incest. Sorry!

[spoilers begin here]

Oooh, nice art!

No matter how I resize the window in Firefox and Chrome, the book at the bottom with the story in it gets cut off… oh, wait, no, I just had to click on the ribbon labeled “DIARY” to pop it out.

Oh shit it’s Odin!  Everyone be frosty.  (Get it?  Bifrosty?  Did you like my joke?  I liked my joke.)

Fuck off, new brother-in-law, Gram the Greatsword is mine.  You know what they say, puller-out-of-a-tree-ers, keepers.

…okay, maybe they don’t actually say that.  You can still fuck off though.

If I accept this invitation to the harvest festival, Siggeir’s gonna go all Red Wedding on me and my entire family, I can tell.  But if I refused, it would be impolite and also probably not advance the story, so I guess I’d better accept!

You tell him that Siggeir is your brother-in-law, therefore you feel personally responsible for each act of cruelty he has visited upon this land.
Shit, is everyone supposed to feel personally responsible for their brother-in-law’s actions?  Thank God my sister married a super ethical dude whose worst crimes are puns.

THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN, END OF CHAPTER ONE?  I was enjoying that!  Make there be more of that!  Do I even need to mention the incest and werewolves?

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  1. That was quite possibly the best opening to any post anywhere ever.

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