IF Comp ’14 – Laura Mitchell’s Building the Right Stuff!

October 5, 2014

Space space, want to go to space.  Dad, are you space?  Yes I am, son, now we are a family again.

[spoilers begin here]

Oh gosh there were all these options and I clicked on one and now there is all this text aaaaah

Okay, I am in space, and I have a robot friend with artificial empathy, with whom I am chatting about the weather (there is none).

I think I broke the game by telling it I didn’t want to enter stasis and then clicking on “stasis” again.  I think that might be a thing that just happened.

It would be helpful to know what kind of samples I am scouting for, in order to best determine whether a planet is worth scouting.  Is it vertebrate life forms we want?  Is that why GENE is giving me a percentage on those?  Wait, no, I guess I already scouted these planets and that is how I got those percentages?  I am so confused.

Yeah, I haven’t requested sustenance because I don’t actually know how to do that.  I am literally the worst astronaut.

I have no idea what’s going on, so I’m going to activate the escape pod.  Well, crap, I guess my family owes some people a fuckton of galactic credits or something now.

Okay.  Going to restart and hope this is one of those games that lets you think you’re doing some boring repetitive task before it drops the narrative on you, because otherwise I do not understand how to play it or why.  I’ll give it ten planets to become interesting.  Ready?  Go!

Huh, it was maybe kind of starting to get interesting and then I found myself in a screen without a back button again and was unable to continue.  The UI could definitely stand to be overhauled; talking to GENE, which you need to do multiple times per planet, requires you to click twice just to reach his menu options.  There seems to be a save and quit function, but not a save and don’t quit function, and I’m reluctant to fire the game up again because I don’t trust it not to leave me stranded in the middle of a screen in the middle of space in the middle of a cool piece of narrative.

Which is really too bad.  I’d like to play it again if it stops being broken, because I’m curious about where it’s going.


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