IF Comp ’13 – Will Hines’ Further!

October 23, 2013

You are a collection of energy loosely held. You are an echo of a person. Something holds you here.
Yeah, I get that a lot.

[spoilers begin here]

As far as I can tell, I am a ghost-type-thing, and I want to disperse, but something is holding me here, and I gotta figure out what.

Huh.  I can pick up the memory of a thing, but I can only focus on it when it’s in the correct room, or it demands to be taken elsewhere.  I’m’a be pissed if I find out I’m stuck on the mortal plane because this bell needs a chauffeur.

These memories are not so much what I was hoping for in terms of memories.  I was hoping for, you know, actual stuff happening.  I want to see the scene where my husband Alan gives me a jaundiced penny!  I don’t remember the entire list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts, but I’m pretty sure “discolored copper” is not on there.  (Also when pennies discolor they turn green.  I don’t know what the hell you have to do to a penny to jaundice it.  Do pennies get hepatitis?  Am I even thinking of hepatitis?)

There’s green grass everywhere.
>x grass
[I didn’t recognise all of the words in that command.]
I, uh, I don’t know what to tell you, buddy!  There was X and there was GRASS.  I feel like you and me, we’ve used X before, and grass is a word that you just said to me.  So, uh, yeah.

Oh for Pete’s sake, I have to focus on all these objects again to turn into the proper colors to go through these doors?  What is this accomplishing?  Why are you making me type these commands?  This is a serious question.

You’re so close to being able to leave. Find the thing to focus on.
It turns out this is code for “You’ve already focused on the last thing (yourself, if you’re here for hints) and should ignore me and just walk through the gray door.”

I think the main problem I had with this game was that I didn’t believe any of these people were real.  The dog, maybe.  Also what does it say about my parents that the dog I had as a child is right up there with my husband and daughter as an important person in my life, but they are nowhere?  Also once I figured out that the rooms were generic dreamscapes whose sole purpose was for me to carry MacGuffins into them, I stopped reading the descriptions.

Yeah.  This wasn’t the worst game I have ever played, I just thought it was going to be more than what it was, and now I am perhaps overly cranky at it.

(Seriously, though, what was up with that jaundiced penny?  Is my husband a weirdo?)


  1. My suspicion is that the author didn’t have a solid sense of what the word “jaundiced” meant, but used a thesaurus to find color words that were “more interesting” than red, yellow, etc. A “ruddy bell” doesn’t really make all that much sense, either, as it also has connotations of facial complexion. Unless the bell drinks too much, or has been out for a brisk walk on a snowy day.

    • I figured it was ruddy as a pejorative, as in “I am fed to the gills with carrying this ruddy bell around.”

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