IF Comp ’13 – Lynnea Glasser’s Coloratura!

October 12, 2013

Man, if there’s anything I hate, it’s getting stolen away by apathetic Blind Ones when my only desire is to return to my Cellarium and the Song of the Universe.  Guess I’ll shall make them to understand!

[spoilers begin here]

The Song of the Universe envelops you, pulsing through you in the otherworldly aether. You sing, sing, sing the song of ancients, of the unending, of all to come and be. Your semi-aqueous body kneads upon itself, in time to the rhythm: Spread, then fold, spread, then fold. The Universe echoes infinitely your leitmotif: Erupt, engulf, erupt, engulf.

I am pretty okay with having a semi-aqueous body, as long as there’s still some sort of skin on it. I would hate to be defeated by a sponge.

Oh, okay, the Blind Ones are humans. Gotcha.

>x me

A physical, gelatenous body. One of the Ancients, the Eternals: The Aqueosity.
Fuck yeah I’m the Aqueosity! Okay. What are my verbs, though? What am I doing?

Oh, okay, I’m killing everybody on this spaceship so that we can all sing the Song of the Universe in perfect harmony. (Except for that one poor bastard.) Good to know!

>x device

It beeps electric contentment out of small slits, and allows cooled water to flow through it.

>flow through device

That’s not a verb I recognise.

Hmm, I wonder if my viscous nature is going to factor into any puzzle solutions? That would be cool.

>kill medic

Ending a melody is the most terrible thing you could do. Are you sure you want to attempt this?
But… I just… did it? A lot?
A lot a lot.

Ah, okay, I needed to ENTER the device. What now?

Uh. I have no idea how I am supposed to indirectly influence the crew to help me. Oh, I can straight-up COLOR them? Crazy! Okay!

Okay, this is a game about feelings, in space, in the future. Gotcha. We’re good here.

Suddenly, the other hose bursts in a high-registered hiss, expelling its contents onto Engineer. She warps maddened black, stabbing in every note of every octave, then moves to the floor in a writhing mass of altered flesh.

Well, now I feel like an asshole.

Huh, maybe I didn’t actually kill any of those people earlier? That was not explained very clearly. I mean, I understand why it wasn’t explained very clearly, because it was deliberately not explained from a human perspective, but still, confusing for a bit there!

You smooth your body over the meat packages, physically and metaphysically conducting unity and understanding and cohesion.

Well, yeah, it’s Wednesday.

I just created a single grateful consciousness out of a bunch of meat chunks in a freezer, for the record. What did you do today?


…oh. For like five seconds. Bye, new body! Good luck out there in the universe!

Hey, we’re not on a spaceship, we’re on a ship ship! A water ship! I had no idea!

I have no idea where the radio room is, either.  I’m’a call time on this one.  It was pretty solid — I feel like I could have used a bit more guidance in places (and a different response to KILL if I’m not actually killing people) — but on the whole, interesting, novel, and well-put-together.  Also points for practically everyone (except that one poor bastard) being a chick.

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