IF Comp ’13 – Iam Curio’s Dream Pieces!

October 12, 2013

You are in a dream but if you stay you’ll miss out on a great birthday!

If you like the rhyme… It’s hammer time!

What time is it if I didn’t notice the rhyme and am indifferent to it now that it has been pointed out to me?  (Snarky jerkbutt time?)

[spoilers begin here]

Ugh fine I will log in with Facebook, if you insist upon me logging in.  But I’ll bitch about it.  Bitch bitch bitchity bitch bitch bitch.  Okay.  I feel better.

Continue to the dream… Try not to scream!
I hope this is just a convenient rhyme and not a sign that this is a horror game.

Done. The goal is to destroy things. Some of them by making tools first.
I am so down with this.  Up for this?

I should mention that everything in this game rhymes.  Why, I don’t know, but it does.  It’s comforting, in that I feel like a rhyming game is not going to attempt to scare my face off.  (My brain helpfully mentioned “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” just now and I told it to get stuffed.)

It’s a wooden chair with legs made of iron. The chair was built by your uncle Byron.
How convenient.

Oh, man, I think I get to use parts of the words I break to make other words!  This Hummer is definitely going to be a hammer at some point.  I’m excited.  Word games are boss.

The game tells me the clock is out of reach but I have no sense of where it is, or what I need to do to get it in reach.  Sit on the floating chair maybe?  (On closer inspection, this was my fault for not paying attention when it told me the clock was on the wall.  Attention was grabbed by the numbers changing into my birthday.)

Huh, I think the word parts I need to mix together have the same color as each other.  Kinda wish that wasn’t a thing.  Although now that I’m breaking more stuff and finding out how small the pieces get, maybe I’m okay with it.

You should feel smart as smart can be. You’ve made a useful looking key!
Error running script: Unexpected menu response
That doesn’t rhyme!

> unlock door
Try unlocking the lock, Mr. Spock!
> unlock lock
The door is now unlocked!
I think you mean the LOCK is now unlocked, you sassy Star-Trek-referencing son of a silly person.

Okay, that was pretty cute.  Not intended for someone of my age and rhyme-tolerance, but it’d be a good introductory game for someone younger who hasn’t yet become a raging asshole.

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