IF Comp ’13 – ViRALiTY’s The Challenge!

October 9, 2013

A short web-based CYOA/MCA game with 3D graphics illustrations,
written & designed in less than 24 hours!

Whatever else this is, it’ll be interesting!

[spoilers begin here]

I wake up lying on the floor of some basement.  My options are “stand up” and “what the hell?”

Whoever lives in this basement is really good at balancing a knife on its point.  Or maybe I did that.  Maybe that’s my superpower.

Apparently death is the only escape.  So I should probably just stab myself to death with this knife.  Huh.  Yes, in fact, I am given that option immediately upon taking the knife.

You stabbed yourself with the knife and died bleeding!
Cool!  Did I win?

…I guess as a responsible videogames journalist (shush, you!) I should play again and see what happens when you don’t stab yourself with the knife, because that was way too easy to be the titular challenge.

You are thinking if someone left you in this basement to do a scary prank on you.
I’m’a go with “probably not.”


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