IF Comp ’13 – Ryan Veeder’s Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder!

October 1, 2013

I hope this game is good, because I don’t want to not be friends with Ryan Veeder anymore.

[spoilers begin here]

Lessee, I’m some sort of first mate personal assistant to the titular Captain Verdeterre, and I am in charge of plundering the shit out of a sinking boat in what appears to be a timed treasure hunt.

Here’s the inevitable question:  is he going to pull a Veeder?

pulling a Veeder (verb):  Making the player think the game is headed in a certain direction which is then completely abandoned without warning and replaced with something new and surprising, often in the middle of a puzzle; what separates this from run-of-the-mill plot twists is its sheer audacity.

He’s done this exactly twice.  Twice!  Yet it has become so much of a thing that now the failure of Ryan Veeder to pull a Veeder in itself constitutes pulling a Veeder.  Figure that one out for me.

This game includes Nautical Vocabulary Notes for your edification. If you would like to enable Nautical Vocabulary Notes, please enter the command “ENABLE NAUTICAL VOCABULARY NOTES”.
I literally never don’t want to enable Nautical Vocabulary Notes.  That has literally never happened.

One issue I am having with this game is that places are described as being “forward,” but >FORWARD does nothing; you need to type >FORE.  I think it is still okay for me to be friends with Ryan Veeder but he is on notice.

The mainmast is lodged in the deck here, near the middle of the ship. It’s somewhat like the ship’s belly button.
That is one hell of an outie.

Hmm, okay, it’s an optimization puzzle.  Going to take a lot of steps to open this iron strongbox, but I’m curious.

The bottle is filled with a dark liquid, and the label says “Prévenge”, although you don’t know that (you can’t read).
bahahaha that’s hilarious
(Play The Statue Got Me High if you haven’t yet.)

Wow, I super cashed in on that bottle of Prevenge.  If I felt like it, I would spade the Spanish dollars per turn for each of the items, make a spreadsheet, and see if there was a different ending for doing the absolute best that I could, but I don’t feel like that, and I hope I never do.

So, yeah, that was pretty all right.  No Taco Fiction.  HEY RYAN VEEDER ARE WE STILL FRIENDS IF I SAY THIS WAS NO TACO FICTION?

Also I think everyone was rats maybe?  I don’t really understand that part, to be honest.

Edited to add:  Ryan Veeder, who is still friends with me but I am on notice, explained the rat thing.  Apparently if you examine Captain Verdeterre it is pretty clear that he is a rat and you are a dude.  He also told me that examining is a free action, which I didn’t realize, and that there is supposed to be a reference to all of his other games hidden on the ship except some are hard to find and others he forgot.




  1. ラルフ レディース

    • Ralph ladies what?

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