IF Comp ’13 – Devolution Games’ Autumn’s Daughter!

October 1, 2013

(we are de-vo)
(la-zy in-tro!)

[spoilers begin H-E-R-E]

This looks like a wedding invitation.  That is what the MST3K writers used to call a “state park joke,” which is when you say something looks like a state park and then realize that isn’t funny at all, because it does look like a state park, but dammit, the title screen for this game looks like a wedding invitation, I can’t help it, it just does.


You are young and beautiful.

Well, yeah, I know, but what am I like?  Maybe it’ll update as I make choices.  (Yup, turns out it does!  Nifty.)

“*Eeek! I’ve forgotten how to make speaking noises!*” is a cute option when talking to my crush.  Bonus points if I actually say it out loud to him.

Shit yes, a romance is blossoming in my heart!  I am enjoying this game so far.

oh man it is getting all Romeo and Juliet up in this bitch

Wait.  Wait.  Wait!  This is what just happened:
“Hashim!  Dude that I love!  My father wants me to marry another man!”
“Okay, chill, babe, I’ve got a secret plan.  Will you keep it a secret?  This is a clickable choice, you can keep the secret or tell me that you’re going to but sound doubtful.”
“Well, of course I’m keeping the damn secret.”
“Bing bong!  I’m the narrator and it’s suddenly six months later and you’re shacking up with that dude that you love.  Also you are in teacher training school with your best friend just like you wanted.”
“Wait.  What?  What was the plan?”
“Don’t sweat it, sugartits.”
“I said don’t sweat it.  Let’s make out.”

This game seems replayable.  Let’s try it again with all the choices I didn’t make!

Welp, this time I married a real jerk and slit my own wrists.  Again!

Don’t kill myself, instead pray to die in childbirth.  Again!

Get raped every night but have a great library.  Again!

Kidnapped and forced into prostitution.  Again!

So, wait, wait a minute, whether this woman rescues me from my circumstances or sells me into prostitution depends on whether or not I was suspicious of her?  Self-fulfilling prophecy much?

In any case, I think the point of this game was to convey that shit is pretty terrible for women in Pakistan, and it sure as hell worked on me.


One comment

  1. The wedding invitation thing was intentional, what with the forced arranged marriage being a primary driving force.

    Thanks for the review. It’ll help us do better in the future.

    I like your reviews. Light-hearted and funny. 🙂

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