Macrame Game Depository

July 11, 2013

This is a list of playable builds of games written for the collaborative chain-letter Twine thing that I can’t decide if just Macrame or Project Macrame is a better name for.  Macrame on its own has a confident ring to it, like someone who knows what the hell they are doing in life said “I have made this thing and named it; it is done.”  Maybe somebody who works for Apple.

On the other hand, Project Macrame sounds like a badass super secret spy mission.  So I don’t know.

Anyway!  You are here for games!  There are not many yet, but the not many there are is pretty good for something so larval and wiggly.

Autobiography (Polodna/Jansen) 2
Eliza, Queen of the Wasteland (Odhner/Ermer) 2
Escape From Cthulhu! (Jansen/Cox) 2
Escape From Cthulhu! (Jansen/Welch) 2
rain rain crops (Cox/Bowman) 2
rain rain crops (Cox/Polodna/Odhner) 3 2

For your convenience, here is a playable build of every seed in the dropbox:

Caelum Incognitum
Dungeons of Death
Eliza, Queen of the Wasteland
Escape From Cthulhu!
rain rain crops

And here is a link to the forum!


  1. Okay, if I understand correctly someone would need to send me one of these and the files on DropBox will continue to be just the starting points. If that’s correct, let me just say here that I would be thrilled to get any of these to work on and can be reached at sodhner@gmail.com

    • Awesome, I’ll send you my rain rain crops chain. Feel free to be the second author on anything out of the dropbox, or grab the template and make a seed of your own! You is write good and that would be boss. : )

  2. Okay now I’m finally getting into (and getting excited about) this as the thing it was intended to be, and gathering a list of potential friends to send these to actual chain-letter style. EXCELLENT.

    • Yay! : D

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