Spring Thing ’13 – Andrew Schultz’s A Roiling Original!

April 27, 2013

Tonight’s RSS buffer brought to you by Mouth Audio Interests, a division of Ryan Veeder.

me:  Mouth Audio Interests has got to be a front for something
Ryan:  that Pauly “Big” Mouth has his fingers in a lot of pies
me:  and a lot of pies in his mouth
Ryan:  one of his many piefingers is his literal pie business
he needs literal pie money to feed a figurative monkey
me:  ahahahaha
Piefingers is also the name of his literal pie business
Ryan:  it’s a front for literal monkey trafficking
me:  most of the overhead involves keeping the literal monkeys from eating the literal pies
Ryan:  figurative overhead
the literal monkeys are kept in the basement
me:  right, where it’s cooler
Ryan:  the pies are in a cooler!!!
Ryan:  Pauly Mouth is a guy for whom
things just kinda

[spoilers begin here]

I did not play the game to which A Roiling Original is a sequel, because I am a terrible person.  Hopefully this doesn’t slow me down too much.

I have a pedanto-notepad.  I love this game already.

> answer door
(to yourself)
You can’t think of anything to say on that topic.
The knock on the door continues.

I am getting… is there a thing that’s like motion sickness but instead of motion it’s anagrams?  Sonic tokenisms?  Moon stickiness?

There is a lot going on and I don’t understaaaaaand.  The game is helpfully suggesting I change some stores around like I did on my first quest.  I wasn’t on my first quest!  Oh, oh, oh, wait, I get it.

Huh, I am typing in anagrams pretty indiscriminately, which generally makes things happen and increases my score, but there doesn’t seem to be very much rhyme or reason behind how this world works.  Or, possibly, I am just dumb.  That sounds more likely.

Wait, I lost the game because I dug up a ghost without knowing why?  Everything I’ve done in this game has been without knowing why!

Yeah, I didn’t play this game for very long, because it gave me a headache similar to the one I got trying to read Toni Morrison’s Beloved.  (The part where the dead sister cuts the girl’s head off every night and carries it downstairs to style her hair, is that allegory?  I am not good with allegory.)  That’s not the game’s fault, and I’m very sorry.

One comment

  1. Well, since the competition period’s over, I can say stuff. Which I hope is not TLDR.

    I figured out a lot of why’s during the competition. I wanted to see what I could do with the mechanics of the game, and unfortunately, I had to speed up production near the end. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to do things without making smart people feel stupid.

    I don’t like to put that burden on players, because games are supposed to be fun, so I had to trust in a balance of the good (for a flexdible definition of good e.g. not nearly as rickety as before testing) vs. perfect (which never gets done.) Recently I’ve been taking more risks putting stuff out there, and it’s been good for me, but maybe not for people who get something rough.

    Also, the ghost is mad because his jewel was stolen. That’s another thing you need to flip (hint: it’s a ruby, and it’s hidden in something.) But it was not clear enough initially & may still not be clear. For instance, in the post-comp release, Aunt Tuna will know much more gossip that you can ask her about. Gunter will clear why people are blaming you. And that sort of thing.

    You found the only place in the game where you can get “killed,” except the end, and that needs to be narrated.

    Nobody tried *answering* the door, either. I implemented OPEN DOOR and such, but synonyms trip me up even with several good testers & I see answer = conversation. So I appreciate seeing that. That is an easy fix for the post-comp release.

    Thanks again for looking through all the Spring Thing games, and I wish I could’ve given you (and my testers and likely some other players) a smoother experience!

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