IF Comp ’12 – Jim Munroe’s Guilded Youth!

October 9, 2012

This year I am dispensing with the “save the stuff you want to play for last” policy, because it is stupid.  I like Jim Munroe.  I like adventurers.  I like the 1990s.  I am going to play this game.

[spoilers begin here]


A dirty magazine shows up in my inventory as “FORBIDDEN TOME.”  Nice.

Harry notices the look on your face.  “What are you, a klepto?”
I am an adventurer, sirrah.  Thief class.  It’s different.

This game seems pretty linear.  Not super complaining, because it’s a fun enough narrative; just saying.

Oh, man, Chris the Paladin is a girl?  Shock!  Surprise!  Dismay!

Her hands go all over your body, searching for something.  Finally her hand rests on a ridge in your pants.
This just got sexy.  Except that it actually didn’t.  Or, wait, maybe it did.

Paula the Mage is totally a dude, right?

Yes.  Or, well, she used to be.  Huh.  So the manor burned down.  Is that the only ending?

I think so.  Yes.  What a weird little linear story with really good art.  I didn’t exactly not like it, but I was really invested in the lust story with the surprise girl paladin, and then the story was like “No, I am going to be about the internal drama of this group of kids you don’t know, and what wine goes with duck, and then the house is going to burn down and I, the story, am going to be over.”  And I was like, “Huh?  Well, okay, I guess, you’re the story, not me.”  And the story said “Good.  I am glad that you know your place.”


  1. Wait, but then you get to finish with lust and the surprise girl paladin, right? I was just coming over here to ask “Did anyone not choose the Chris ending?” but now I’m confused.

    • OK, so you’re probably sitting there saying, “What the hell is Matt talking about? Is he just fucking with me? There was no Chris ending.” This might explain things, if you know that I was so bad at IFComp this year that I didn’t get around to playing this game until a couple days ago.

      • I knew what was going on, but I kept my big mouth closed for once.

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