IF Comp 12 – M4u’s Signos!

October 6, 2012

The essence of the game is the essence of any human life: fullfill our purpose through our mistakes to finally find our truly selves and reach our destiny, the one destiny.
I’m playing this one next to find out what the hell it is, primarily.

Destiny’s weird, right?  Because you can say to yourself “I don’t believe in destiny; I believe I have free will,” but you can’t deny that at the end of your life you will be in one very particular place as the result of your by-then-inevitable choices and actions, so what actually is the difference?  Maybe I should have taken a philosophy class.  Or maybe it is my destiny not to?

[spoilers begin here]

> take crown
By the lake is not open.
I bet this is one of those Zen koan things and I am not meant to understand.  Wait, are people supposed to understand those?  Am I confusing them with Culture Club lyrics?

Time is like a clock of the heart, did you know that?

The monk stop praying for a moment and says: “Another traveller visit me once. He asked me why I had so few belongings in my room.”
– “And what did you say?”. You asked.
– “I said: Why do you?”.
– “He is a traveller, I guess he was just passing by”.
– “Me too!”, replied the monk and continued praying.
That monk is such a card.  My favorite is when he tells the one about the Aristocrats.

You have fallen asleep and lose your consciousness!!!
Oh no!!!  This is terrifying!!!  Such a fate has never befallen me!!!  Certainly not every night!!!

> remove mask
You tried to see your face in the mirror but it started to shine.
You got blind by the light. As you try to walk, you hit against a wall and fall to the floor…
You lost your consciousness!
I, wait, I thought I lost that already?

Oh, okay, it looks like there are different ways to knock yourself out, corresponding to the seven deadly sins.  Let’s take our Pokeballs into the tall grass and see how many we can tame.

The yogi says: “We are not alone. We are all-one. But if all the things become one, what become the one thing?”
Oh, this is an easy one.  A katamari.

> hint
Learn from the wise. DO what they DO.
I try that, but it tells me I am too tired, even after falling asleep and losing my consciousness (!!!).

> close eyes
Standing up you fell dizzyness, so you opened it up.
I’m not sure that makes sense even when parsed properly, but okay.

Wait, eating the apple off of the fakir’s hand counted as lust?  I thought for sure that would be gluttony.  Did we… what did we… am I pregnant?

You rescued the stone that was dropped. Good for you!
No praise necessary, citizen, as long as construction continues on my triumphal arch.  (You did get the changes I made to the blueprints, yes?)

> yell at buda
The buda with a calm voice says: “Dear friend, if someone brings you a gift and you don’t take it, who keeps the gift?”
They… do?  I do not think this has ever happened to me or anyone else in the history of giftgiving.  You take the gift, right, and you shove it way down in a drawer somewhere, and then if you remember in time, you take it out right before they visit and put it on a prominent shelf as though you liked it.  Especially if they might die and leave you money.  This buda sure has a lot to learn about life.

Right, I am absolutely hemorrhaging interest in this game.  It was like, and this is a very American analogy I am about to make, going to an enlightenment-themed fast food joint where all the employees are dressed like Buddhist monks, their signature menu item is the One With Everything, and the piped-in music is all shamisen covers of Nirvana songs.  You know, all of the trappings, none of the substance.  The game had enough stuff in it to keep me occupied for a while, though, and the Quest system meant I was never at a loss for a verb, so that’s a thing.

(Tragically, I couldn’t find a shamisen Nirvana cover, but here it is, your Moment of Zen.)

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