Spring Thing ’12 – Scott Greig’s Sleuth!

April 9, 2012

Oh, man, one of my favorite games as a kid was this shareware DOS thing called Sleuth.  You were a detective ASCII happy face and there were all these suspect ASCII happy faces and you had to go from room to room looking for the thing with bloodstains on it, because that was the murder weapon, obvs, and someone’s alibi would not match up and oh my God they were the murderer and if you took too long finding the murder weapon or something you died.  Scott Greig’s Sleuth has a lot to live up to, is what I’m saying.

[spoilers begin here]

Failed to load game.
The following errors occurred:
Incorrect ASL version number

Okay, for the moment I will assume this is somehow my fault, and attempt to fix it.  Ah, there we go, needed a newer version of Quest.  Oooh, what’s this “personalized game” option?

Oh my God oh my God, this sounds exactly like the DOS game.  I am excited and confused!

Hmm, the personalized game thing is a fun concept (you enter names for the suspects) but it totally threw an error when I tried it (had trouble choosing a victim?)  Sad!  We’ll go with the basic game.

Huh.  These suspects aren’t saying anything.  I thought they’d give me alibis?  Maybe I need to find the murder weapon first?

Sweet, the magnifying glass!

> speak to gerald preston
She says nothing.

Yup, this is pretty much a straight port of Sleuth the DOS game, except it seems a little broken and you can’t see the map.  Basically, this game made me want to play Sleuth the DOS game.  So I did.  And you can too.  The end!

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