IF Comp ’11 – Pam Comfite’s Playing Games!

October 19, 2011

I have not even the remotest idea what this game is about.  This is always an exciting time, filled with potential, but it makes it difficult to RSS-buff.  I should get a cat.  Or have a kid.  No one’s fingers would blister from the blazing speed with which they dialed social services if I had a kid, I’m sure.  I had a houseplant when I lived at the Asymmetric office, a schefflera, but it was sort of unhealthy-looking when I left, and had these furry white cocoons or some shit on its leaves, and I didn’t want furry white God-knows-whats hatching in my new apartment, but I didn’t want to just throw a living thing into the garbage, so I hid it behind a hedge in the front yard and sprinted for it.  I am not sure if me simply not knowing whether it’s alive or dead means it’s in a quantum state or if I actually have to set up a poison vial and a decaying atom, but yeah, I probably shouldn’t have kids, is my point.

What’s your point?

[spoilers begin here]

You were pleasantly surprised to find that it was just rum, but then you noticed a very earthy aftertaste, and everything started to fade. You felt yourself slump to the floor. You heard the others laughing, and just before everything faded completely away, one of them said in a deep voice, “Let the games begin.”
Awshit.  I suppose I should have expected this sort of thing to happen if I hung around with whist players.

I always get nervous when a game presents me with a clock, because I associate them with time limits.

The dark man stops poking around the ground for a moment and says, “Ah, that looks just like my pocketwatch, except I lost mine at noon.” He goes back to poking around the ground.
I’ve had conversations with customers that went along these lines.  My favorite was the guy who yelled at me for giving him twelve quarters in change for three dollars because he wanted a manual car wash, and those only cost $2.50.  Which, as even the dumbest dumb who ever dumbed could figure out, is only ten quarters.  (Eventually I shut up and kept his two quarters, and he left satisfied with the transaction but disgusted by my math skills.)

So, okay, if I don’t specify PUSH STEM to open the pocketwatch, I wind up clawing ineffectually at the case, but SET WATCH TO NOON works?  That seems incongruous.

Y’know, as a premise for a collection of puzzles, this one is pretty intriguing as they go.  Hope the payoff is good.

This is interesting; I’m not sure I’ve seen a puzzle like these with the board, the slot, and the malachite stones.  Essentially you’re just moving the stone around trying to find the single invisible path to its goal, so I’m not sure how much of a puzzle it is.  S’kinda fun, though.  I’ll take it.

*** You sometimes dream of a hat, but you can never describe it upon waking ***
Story of my life.

Was that it?  Should I try following the man through the bushes?  Oh, guess I can’t.  Man, that was short.  I enjoyed it while it was happening, though, even if these game-club dudes are a very strange and particular variety of asshole.

Edit from the future:  Oh!  These puzzles the likes of which I have never seen before are mazes!  Man, score a couple points for the concept of framing devices.

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