October 1, 2011

I only understood you as far as knowing what the hell a fancy is.

Couple overly verbose notes before I get into this IF Comp thing hella hardcore. First, a technical: my new tiny apartment, adorable though it may be, is lacking in internet. A real grownup and a true Scotsman would no doubt have located someone in possession of an internet and said “You, with the internet. Don’t bogard that shit. Bring it over my place. Haggis.” What I have been doing is googling “hey guys? can I please have an internet?” then getting irrationally angry at Cox’s website before deciding I need something from IKEA. I have been to IKEA so many times this week that my apartment can actually vote in Swedish elections now. (I have tried explaining to it that Ron Paul isn’t running in Sweden, but that doesn’t stop it writing him in.)

But, yeah, hopefully I can put the games DAMMIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW PHONE WHY ARE YOU DOING THISon my phone, transfer them to my computer, write up some reviews, and make them


  1. Dude, just come over and i will put them on your usb stick.

    • Oh, okay, or I could do that, sure.

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