Spring Thing 2011 is out! Also, I have unresolved issues from junior high school apparently! (Pfft, who doesn’t.)

April 7, 2011

Oh, wow, Spring Thing has games in it this year!  And enough prize money to buy twelve dozen sharp sticks to shake at a horse!*  (Yeah, I know, prices on those have really gone up.)  Let’s take a look at the list.

Mentula Macanus:  Apocolocyntosis sort of stands out, huh.  When a game is written by “one of the Bruces and Drunken Bastard,” it’s basically daring you to play it in order to find out whether or not it’s actually funny.  I googled “cyntosis,” it didn’t seem to mean anything.  “Mentula” is apparently Latin slang for penis.  Macanus… oh, there’s a guy called Heinous MacAnus on Facebook, that’s actually pretty good… huh, this was expanded from a TWIFcomp game?  Oh, no way, this is the one dude wrote in Whitespace!  Okay, I have higher expectations of this game now.

Sean Huxter’s got one in as well.  Remember that guy?  He did a solid old-school game about space pirates for the 2008 IF Comp.  Also, I met him at PAX East last year.  He was nice and quite gracious about suddenly being attacked with demands for purple cube gimme purple cube and another for my boyfriend (I get super ADD all surrounded by stimulus like th hey look someone dressed their baby up as Wil Wheaton oh wait what’s happening are we going to dinner? Also it makes me be incredibly awkward at Juhana Leinonen, for some reason.  Sorry, Juhana Leinonen!)

Oh, right, so Sean Huxter’s got a game in Spring Thing, which is what we’re talking about.  I was just, you know, mentally going over the list of “here’s everyone you were accidentally rude to on a particular weekend a year ago, here’s everyone you’ve ever been awkward at, hey, remember that kid who asked you out in sixth or seventh grade and you were so surprised anyone would be asking you out and half-convinced he was making fun of you that you were really mean to him and then you felt terrible, remember that?”  Is this really the time to be going over all this, brain?  In public?

Anyway.  To the Sausage Cave!

* This is your writing tip for today:  you can’t just say “$1200 in prize money,” because that’s a factual statement, and hot Christ are those boring.  So you have to come up with an equivalent:  what can a person buy with $1200?  The first several things you come up with will probably be cheap jokes or Wacky Nouns; throw those out.  Then slap on the first nonsense sentence that comes to your brain, because shit, dude, this is only the second sentence and at this rate we are never going to get this post written.  Actually maybe you shouldn’t do that.  Sorry!


  1. ‘Apocolocyntosis’ is Latinised Greek, and is more of a pun (albeit a venerable one) than a real word. It’s usually translated as ‘Pumpkinification’.

  2. And “Mentula Macanus” basically means “Stiffy Makane”. If that doesn’t mean anything to you: enjoy these few remaining days of innocence. 😉

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