IF Comp ’10 – Wade Clarke’s Leadlight!

October 29, 2010

What do we not want to do next?  I think there are a couple horror games kicking around.  Let’s see, there’s one with a mysterious woman, one with an infection that has spread and a they that are coming, and one with a 15-year-old girl who awakens from her normal life into a nightmare, assuming it’s semantically possible to awaken into a nightmare.  That last one sounds like the most likely to freak my shit right out, plus it’s on some kind of crazy Apple IIe emulator or somesuch!  (Wait, does that mean the 15-year-old girl is now 42 years old?)

[years-obsolete spoilers begin here]

Man, I dislike having to read FAQs and install plugins and stuff.  I mean, I’ll do it, but I’ll grumble about it, and this blog is pretty much ground zero in terms of Places I Feel Comfortable Grumbling.  So, there, consider yourself to have been grumbled to.  Thank you.  (Good old first world problems.)  Oh, it wants me to restart Firefox?  All right.  Saving draft.  Try to remember your position in the room and whether or not you had hair.

The Apple IIe emulator does not seem to support copy and paste, surprisingly enough.  Also, the game warns me that parts of it might be cruel and disturbing.  First genuinely disturbing thing I see, I’m bailing, and the rest of this post will be a kitten in a party hat.

Okay, I am a morose teenager with an unhappy home life and a newfound love of ballet.  That seems like enough to be getting on with.

Oh, cool, I have attributes!  I love having attributes!

iPod?  They didn’t have those in 1983…

Oh, dude, X isn’t recognized?  Maaaan!

I can only attack an enemy?  Does the wild-eyed library monitor who is FUCKING ATTACKING ME not count as an enemy, then?  Why is that?

No idea what I should be doing.  Only way to new territory appears to be past Narelle.  HINT not recognized.  Cheating.  Huh, is there no walkthrough?  Oh, cool, found a hint sheet.  KILL NARELLE?  I can’t attack her but I can kill her?  Not cool, game, not cool at all!  Wait, no, KILL isn’t recognized, but ATTACK now works.  Grr.  Argh!  Oh, wait, maybe I was typing in her last name or something.

I got impaled on mist.  Mist. I suck so much.

Ew ew ew “mashy remains.”  I did that.  I made those remains mashy, and, in fact, remains.  That is gross.

…why did I examine them?

Lot of dying in this game, but I’m able to undo, so it’s fine.  $2.40 for a Coke?  This is definitely not 1983.  (I know, we’re talking Australian dollars here, but still.)

Okay, I am now running around killing zombie-like persons in my ballet slippers, which give me +5 to agility.  Pretty sweet!

Repeatedly typing ATTACK LOUISE is pretty dull.  I am just saying.

Peanuts are banned at Linville but zombies and monsters are not?  I’m pretty sure more students have sudden horrible death allergies than have peanut allergies.

This looks like Diane’s application form for the school play this year.  The answer supplied for every question is a jaggedly scrawled ‘Killing my friends’
Okay, first thing, at my school we had auditions for the school play, although maybe Linville’s school play involves form-filling-out instead of acting.  You never know, with Australia!  Their water behaves differently from our water!  Also, depending on what play they’re doing, Diane might be a shoo-in for the lead.

You know, I have to say there’s something to be said for old-school games where there are only two objects in a room, one of which is relevant, and the other of which will kill you.  I am not sure what that thing that is to be said is, but I’m relatively sure it exists.

Huh, why would the song Narelle chose as the password to her blog be set to repeat on Charlotte’s iPod, other than the law of conservation of puzzle solutions?  And why does the school have a keycode for entry that only library monitors are allowed to know, despite the fact that the library is in a completely different building?

Well, shit, lost all my hit points and died!  I should have saved.

Yeah, I don’t really want to restart.  Nothing personal, just not my genre.  Perfectly serviceable old-school game, though.  Let’s call it a seven.  Oh, and here’s a stock photo of a kitten in a party hat.


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