IF Comp ’10 – ShadowK’s Oxygen!

October 29, 2010

Hmm, what else have we got that we don’t want to do?  Oh, this sounds good:

An explosion rattles the Aegis mining station and the oxygen tanks are leaking. Who gets the remaining oxygen and who will perish? The choice is up to you, a lowly technician trapped in an access conduit.

If there are two things I don’t enjoy, they’re being trapped in an access conduit and having to decide who lives and who dies.  I feel as though that is a decision best left up to Santa Claus, who is probably also more comfortable in an access conduit, given that that’s one possible way to describe a chimney.

Let us are now doing a thing!

[cookies, milk, and spoilers begin here]

The game wants to know if sound is enabled on my machine.  It is, but man, what a terrifying question.  Oh, what the hell, let’s be big testicle-having men about this.

It’s been a long day of squeezing and squirming through the corridors of the Aegis mining station. After four conduit repairs, three data integrity checks and a host of valve replacements, you’re ready for a shower.
I can’t help imagining, as I read this, that the PC works in the rapidly-expanding space pornography industry.  (Well, it’s either expanding or contracting; we are not sure which.)  “Data integrity checks” indeed.


Okay, that scared me, and I yelled and threw my headphones into my monitor.  If you want to take my big old manly testicles away, go ahead and do so, because I no longer have any claim to them.

What’s a jefferies tube?  Let’s ask Wikipedia!

Jefferies tubes, in the Star Trek fictional universe, are small tunnels or corridors that provide access to critical starship systems. They can be vertically or horizontally oriented, and form a network that allows travel throughout large volumes of a starship even when the turbolifts are not functioning.

The term “Jefferies tube” was originally an inside joke among the original Star Trek production staff, a reference to Original Series art director Matt Jefferies, the man who designed the original starship Enterprise.

Thanks, Wikipedia!  (Huh, why did I just spend the last fifteen minutes reading about Ralph Bakshi?  No matter!  Pressing on!)

Oh no, you mean captain corndog? If he’s our last hope we’re in trouble.
Hey, I heard that!  And that’s Doctor Corndog to you!

So… I’m supposed to restore power to this console, and report in?  How do I do that?  Does it involve all these wires?

I don’t know, game!  I feel like it’s too early to check for hints.  Help me out here!  Do you know anything, technical specifications book?

Oxygen Thruster Overrides
fore/aft override     oxygen distribution
theta/any                40/10
delta/gamma              50/25
gamma/delta              25/50
delta/delta              0/0
gamma/gamma              25/25
any/nil                  40/0

The diagram seems simple enough, if only you understood what it meant.
Okay, that’s pretty funny.

>put cable on wires
You carefully connect the ends of the stripped wire to the live wires in the access panel. The display console gives a beep in response as if to acknowledge your success.
Ha!  I did a technology!  Who’s a corndog now?  WHO’S A CORNDOG NOW?

It would take over 500 zPsi units of oxygen to save the entire station, but since the striking miners are sealed in the rear of the station, you should need far less than that to save the fore section.
As for the strikers, they’re gonna be outta luck. Their rear oxygen reserve is as empty as the forward reserve that you now depend on…
I’m being amazingly casual about that!  There is probably a puzzle solution that enables me to save both, though, although man, am I not good at these technical puzzles.  (I am good at word puzzles.  If you ever need someone to save your life by solving a dropquote about professional wrestlers, give me a call.  Man, am I gonna be up against the wall when the revolution needs people with useful skills.)

Oh, huh, little bit of a, what’s that thing called, Prisoner’s Dilemma?  The strikers have set the aft override to delta, and I only seem to have a delta override myself, so either we both die, or… dude, how long have I had this black card in my inventory?  Restoring.

Oh, huh, Andre had a pretty good idea about letting the strikers fill their tank before inserting any override cards, although I’m not sure that’ll leave enough oxygen for us.  This is pretty intense for what is basically a math problem!

Got one pretty okay ending, gonna resort to the walkthrough for the others.  Ew, the walkthrough suggests you CHEW GUM before you GIVE GUM TO MAN!  Eh, I don’t actually feel like typing all of that in.  That was a pretty solid one-room game, though, and Andre seemed like a nice guy, even if he wasn’t particularly deeply implemented.  No hints, though.  I will give it a seven.

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