Oh boy oh boy it’s IF Comp! Whee!

October 2, 2010

Link is who?  Link is you!

My good friend Chris is blogging the games this year.  This is exciting, because Chris is hilarious.  He’s so funny, in fact, that waiters never get around to bringing him his food because they are laughing too hard and in some cases experiencing a medical emergency.

WAITER:  Bahaha oh ho ho hee turkey tetrazini ahahahaha oh dear God that’s hilarious.
CHRIS:  With a side salad.
WAITER:  AHAHAHA bahaha oh ho ahaha hee did you hahaha did you hear that he said siiihahaha siiiide sahahahaHAHAHAHA hahaha oh hahahahaha SIDE SALAD oh man I am dying.
ME:  And could I have a grilled cheese sandwich, please?
THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT:  Shut up, you unfunny fuck.

It’s okay because Chris is trained as a paramedic, and I have formed a giant callous over everything that used to be my feelings.*

Anyway!  IF Comp!  Watch this space!

* The easiest way to do this is to take up guitar, but instead of your fingers, use your feelings.  I’m not sure this needed to be a footnote but let’s just all go with it.

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