Greetings from Tiny Netbook and the Hynes Convention Center, who are already becoming best of friends

March 26, 2010

I am eating the world’s tiniest pizza.  Oh, wait, there it goes; it has been eaten.   Huh, is that Professor Layton?  I think so.  A guy with a giant wrench just took a picture of him.  Liveblogging, people, it is fucking fascinating.

Nothing of interest to report yet, actually.  (Oh, here comes Layton, I’m getting a picture.)  After walking through a theme-park-size queue snake,  I checked out the expo floor and experienced sort of a, you know, failure to care.  (Sorry, expo floor, you’re just not very interesting, and I don’t understand why you have a giant bus.)  The Storytelling in Interactive Fiction panel goes down in like an hour fifteen, though, and that will be a thing that happens that I can blog about.  Crap, I need to find a place to plug in Tiny Netbook.  If batteries were prostates Tiny Netbook would be an old old man.  Also there would be a lot of other ramifications, probably fairly disgusting.



  1. I’d love to hear about the Storytelling in IF panel. Like about a hojillion other people, I didn’t manage to get in. 😦

    • Blazam, transcript posted. Sorry you didn’t get in! Turnout for that thing was nuts. I started queueing like 45 minutes in advance and just barely got a seat. Which is awesome for the genre, but kind of shitty for individual people.

  2. I also didn’t manage to get into the Storytelling panel, one of TWO reasons I bought a PAX ticket. Oh well. I hope it appears on video in the IF Archive somewhere.

    But on a personal note, it was great to meet you, Jenni. I had no idea when you accosted me demanding a Purple Datacube that YOU were the one who was so psyched that I had included feelies. If I had connected your wild turquoise hair with the theme of your web-site I would have hugged you and thanked you for one of the most memorable reviews of Piracy 2.0 during IF Comp 2008. It was the review I re-read the most, and still find myself re-reading, and not only because of the gorgeous pirate lady you posted a pic of… You seemed to enjoy the very idea that I was defying the world with a – *choke* Text Adventure.

    So it was nice meeting you, glad you got your Purple Datacube, and I was glad to provide.

    Sean Huxter
    (The dude with the VESPA bag)

    • Gosh, thanks, and thanks again for the cubes! Riff will be happy; he loves him some feelies.

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