CGDC #7 – Chris Daniels’ An Open Field!

February 20, 2010

Man, these reviews are just going to get more and more crap the more of them I churn out.  Usually my process – wow, what a pretentious thing to say, “my process,” it’ll be “the craft” next – involves a great deal of re-reading and revising and making sure there’s a dick joke in every paragraph, but man, I’ve only got until Sunday night to do ten more of these, so you guys are getting whatever horrid spew comes off my fingers the first time.

This is me getting all real and honest with my fanbase.  I feel like Amanda Palmer.  You guys probably don’t make dolls out of my hair and fingernail clippings, though.

Y’know, when I was twenty-one, I met a guy in a bar who told me he was an internet pornographer and that I could have a very lucrative career selling my hair and fingernail clippings.  I passed on that because I had no one to buy a watch fob for.

See what I am saying about the quality of these posts?

[spoilers begin here]

You are sitting in the middle of a wide open field on a beautiful spring afternoon.
Huh, this is how the last game started.  I wonder if it’s the same author going for a Desperation/The Regulators kind of thing.

>take basket
You aren’t quite done enjoying this beautiful day yet.
It continues enjoying this beautiful day.  It does this whenever it’s told.

Oooh, creepy, game just went all Eversion on me.

Yup, this is pretty much Eversion in IF form.  Creepy creepy creepy creepy.

Oh, I’d been captured by the enemy, I guess!  Maybe this was the long-lost ending to Survive!

Yeah.  That was very very very short.  Solid, though!  And creepy!

One comment

  1. I bet this was a game that was seriously improved by the bugfixes. When I played it, pretty early on, it was hard to figure out what to do, and then “Take all” had some very unexpected effects.

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