CGDC #7 – Torgrim Mellum Stene’s Lurid Dreams!

February 19, 2010

Torgrim Mellum Stene has got to be an anagram for something.  Let’s plug it into the Internet Anagram Server

First result:  EMERGENT MILL TUMORS.  That’s awesome. Poor mill.

For the RSS buffer:  I’ve been playing a little Mass Effect 2.  I think I’d like the combat more with a targeting system like Fallout 3’s (playing on a console; apparently it’s less of a pain on a PC), and I can’t think of a single game that’s been more fun for having limited ammo, but the writing is just absolutely fantastic.  I was walking around the Citadel (where every store is my favorite store, because endorsing them gets you Goodness Points and a discount) and overheard a couple discussing what souvenir to get.  Paraphrased:

“What’s a fish got to do with the Citadel?  Besides, it’ll die in a couple years anyway.”
“The point is to enjoy the time you spend with the fish.”
“Is this the lifespan talk again?  I am not having the lifespan talk!”

Even more fascinating than eavesdropping on strangers in real life!

[spoilers begin here]

Your mother died, not long ago.
This is going to be depressing, isn’t it.

It’s very connected to the…accident, after all.
Three dots before “accident” means it was murder and five bucks says I did it.

Riff’s favorite method for lucid dreaming:  several times during the day, you check to see if you’re in a dream.  Like, try to make something change color or something.  Eventually, once it’s become a habit, you’ll try it while you’re actually dreaming, and there you are, three seconds away from screwing Suzanne Somers on a polar-bear rug.

Huh.  Well, I’m strapped to a throne on the back of a giant bird, flying close to the speed of sound.  I should give this bird a name before the band America decides to write a song about me.  I’m going to call him Smudlington.  Let’s just see them rhyme that!

I feel like I’ve played a couple games lately with less hinting than I would have liked, so
> bite chain
That’s actually a good idea, but maybe you should try applying your teeth to a more specific part of the chain?
is very refreshing and welcome.  Annnd there go my teeth.

Oh, cool, now I am my teeth!  I better take care of this chain before I’m approached to write an article for Reader’s Digest!

> bounce around
Hee hee!  Look, Mom!  I’m teeth!

Holy shit, now I’m teeth with legs!  This is awesome!  Almost as much fun as being a virus and infecting people!

I was thinking if I tapped my foot, the teeth would be able to feel the vibration and walk towards it, but nope.  And I can’t talk to them, because they don’t have ears.  Oh, I can CONTROL TEETH!  That will help.

Wow, it’s really nice being a feather.  It’s also very, very, very, very eye-hurtingly bright.

Things are starting to get interesting, and I say that as someone who was very recently a pair of dentures with tiny little legs.

Red on dark grey is hard to read.  Just sayin’.  (I suspect this may be a Leaflet issue and not entirely the author’s fault.)

Yeah, wow, not much blaming myself for having killed Mother.  She’s horrible.

Man, I chose not to move on because I was thinking I could get the feather out of the trash, and the game ended in failure, and now my save game is an empty black screen.  Not cool, interpreter!  Not cool at all!

Hey, I can choose whether to play these in Flash or Javascript?  Has that power been with me all the time?  ‘Cause dang, man!  Parchment all the way!  (Sorry, Leaflet.  You just don’t support copy-paste.  We’re still friends.)

Man, not doing so well on this whole restarting thing.  (I walked off the bird.  It was not my proudest moment as ambulatory teeth.)  Black screen again, in Parchment even.  This could get obnoxious.

Oooh, got a mystical tome for my birthday!  Good old Mr. Umpherson.  It’s all about Thanatos, the twin of sleep.  He’s the personification of death.  Thanks for the book about death, Mr. Umpherson!

Oh, and there my mother goes, throwing it into the fire.  I cannot wait to kill her.

Um, whatever text there was before “Now where is she?” just appeared on my screen and then vanished really quickly.  I hope it wasn’t important.  Oh, I think it was just a room description.

Okay, she’s on the balcony.  Can I get out there?  It’s not a place I can go, and I can’t seem to climb out the window.  I think I need to push her off, or something.  Oh, had to OPEN CURTAINS.  Got it.

Awww, I didn’t push her, I just didn’t stop her from falling.  (The game takes over and all you can do is FREEZE.)  That… I’m practically a good person for not having pushed her!  Sheesh!

Even though you know you’re dreaming, this dream still insists on making you obey the laws of physics, as in not enabling you to use your hands when they’re tied fast to your vampiric mother with her own hair.
Aw shucks.

Man I hope RESTORE works this time, ’cause she killed the shit outta me.

Gaaaah timed puzzles!  Cheating.  Oh, wow, the trick is to CONTROL MOTHER.  That is deep.

WHOOOOA. What a rush. You feel…wonderful. Terrific. Not a care in the world. Your entire being is constantly bombarded with nutrition and love, and it’s soft and warm and…lovely.
Draining my blood working out well for you, then, Mother?  I suppose it always has, hasn’t it, you goddamn harpy vampire bitch.

(your mother)
You flail around something fierce in an attempt to drinking your mother, but apparently you haven’t developed the necessary skill set just yet.
Man, if I ever do develop that skill set, I’m not sure I want to know I’ve got it.  Or how I got it.

Huh, am I fucked if I help her?  I’m not particularly inclined to.  She really isn’t very nice.

Oh, sure, I cut the cord, and now she’s being all compassionate and grateful and shit?  How is that fair?  Oooh, hey, I get to be the phoenix now, though!  That’s pretty cool!

Yay!  I won!  That was odd in a way that I enjoyed, and well-done, for the most part.  Not sure those puzzles needed to be timed, but it was all right that they were.  I’m also not sure how I felt about my mother going all nice on me at the end, or the way she was presented as a zero-humanity-count monster before that.  Was she nice to me when she wasn’t drinking?  Were there occasions when she tried to quit, and everything was all right for a while, and I really thought we were going to be happy like normal families?  Was she always violent and angry when she was drunk, or did she ever cry and tell me how sorry she was?  Did she try to make it up to me by buying me presents that she was only going to smash later when I made her angry?  Or was this really the only side of her I ever saw?

Bear in mind that the fact that I’m even questioning the story aspects instead of bitching about underimplementation or guess-the-verb issues makes this one of the better games in the comp, though!

One comment

  1. Gaaaah timed puzzles!

    That is SO TRUE. And both this one and the last one (you reviewed) had “Everything but one perhaps not very well hinted action will get you a failure message” puzzles, which overall I would say is my second least favorite kind of puzzle. Yet I loved the shit out of them both — in fact I was satisfied with this one even though I didn’t have a save game so I got dead-ended after Mom killed me.

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